The Cheeky Angel Journey...

Cheeky Angel beginning was simply a bunch of girlfriends sitting around a table talking about lingerie and one of my dear friends was a very curvaceous tall woman, she mention that she had to have her bra's custom made to fit and as for sexy lingerie (babydoll etc) forget it, now keep in mind this year was early 2002 there was no real option for beautiful big busted ladies. At the time I was a young wife to a wonderful supportive man, mother of three gorgeous children; trying to juggle motherhood, work - around the school hours and other family commitments just like most mothers out there today. What my friend had said I just felt wasn't right... so I begin researching, By 2005 Cheeky Angel Australia was born with the launched of the website your online store. My focus was simple, to have high quality lingerie at affordable prices and to offer a large range of elegant, sexy lingerie for plus size woman, no more boring underwear for these girls. null
In July 2006 I was invite to my first wedding expo where I decided to launch Cheeky Angel parties from there I held my very first party in the August 2006, I have to say I was a little nerves as I had never done party plan before but I quickly found my feet and everyone including myself had a fabulous experience. Over the next year the parties kept coming I got more confident in being a party plan consultant, the hours were perfect ' I was able to work the parties around my lifestyle, I was even able to give up my regular jobs, but I thought I want more... I had the dream of opening a retail store. In 2007, with the support of my husband, that dream became reality and I open the doors to Cheeky Angels first only retail store. I quickly found that the dream was not really what I was wanting; I was back working 9 to 5pm and sometime after hours, juggling family, school and this time the parties. I was left with no time for anything and by the end of 2008 I had chosen to close the doors on that dream and quietly I think my husband and children were very happy with my choice.

Because the Cheeky Angel parties give me the lifestyle I so wanted; time with my family. I started to explore ways on how I could empower other woman who are juggling work and family just like I was in the beginning and I am so excited to say 2013 is Cheeky Angel year to shine and to inspire women to tune in to themselves and boost their sexy self-esteem, helping them feel sexier, more confident and sharing tips, advice and the products to help make relationships stronger and more intimate. Beyond the bedroom, Cheeky Angel helping all the way to the bank, by introducing women to rewarding careers representing Cheeky Angel as a Sexy Lifestyle Coach, a fresh, lucrative and simple opportunity to help women pay off debts, to have the freedom to spend time with their family and shop to their heart's delight.

At the time I didn't really know this journey I was about to take with Cheeky Angel would have a positive impact not only on my life but life's of other woman. Looking at Cheeky Angel today and back at how we started out, as a bunch of girlfriends sitting around a table having fun, giggling, talking about sexy stuff... it's exciting to know that Cheeky Angel is exactly where she supposes to be.
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